A guide achieving your goals

so it’s a bright shiny new year;but what are you going to do with the next 12 months?

get a new job? buy a new home? work for yourself? travel? get fit? have more me time?

forget all that SMART mumbo jumbo from back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s; this isn’t your annual appraisal (although it could be if that works better for you). this is real life. so here are my top tips for achieving whatever you set your heart on!

  • write it down – get a new note pad and a pen you like writing with, and really think about what you want to achieve. take your time to do this too because you want to have unshakable drive and determination once you’ve decided what you really want to accomplish
  • know what the bigger picture is – always have in mind what the final outcome is going to be, but don’t let that scare you. “a journey of 1000 miles starts with just one step.
  • chunk it – once you’ve decided on your goal break it down into bite-sized chunks that are more manageable to attain. that way you a celebrate your achievements along the journey
  • be flexible – the more flexible you are in achieving your goal, the more likely you are to do it
  • get creative – just because the ‘instructions’ tell you one way to do something, it doesn’t mean that’s the only way. get creative in your approach to achieving your goal
  • one size doesn’t for all – just because some else did things a certain way and got the outcome you desire, it might not necessarily work the same for the you, so don’t copy. you are YOUnique, so do things your way

and finally…

  • MAKE IT FUN! – whatever you decide are your goals for 2018, make sure the road to achieving them is FUN.



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