I wasn’t expecting that…

Finally over the xmas period I got me some ‘me’ time – you know from my previous post how important ‘me’ time is.  there i am in a quiet house – dawgs are alseep,cats are snoozing, the long-suffering Sarz 1st (aka my wonderful hubby) was out – i had the place to myself.

Picture the scene i am midway through my wii fit routine (yes that is still a thing for this 40 something – although the games are increasingly hard to get hold of these day)- sorry i digress; when i noticed a smell; a familiar smell… burning!  i followed my nose to the kitchen where the washing machine had just finished.  as soon as i opened the door i located the source of the smell… smoke coming from the drum!!!

i have to admit i’m a bit crap when it comes to dealing with some dramas, and this was no exception. now patching up kids that have gone over the handle bars of their bikes no problem – sorry i digress again.  but with this i was all over the place; should i call the fire brigade???  thankfully the long-suffering was on the end of the phone to calm me and the situ down.

anyway suffice to say that i do have a new washing machine, i have slipped a disc moving it with my man, i have had to fork out for a necessary white good at “the most ex pensive time of they year” and an important note-to-self… i MUST get a fire extinguisher for the kitchen (not just for my cooking)!



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