Go be you… today!

I don’t know about you but I am rather apt at the beginning of each year to go tearing off with  ‘New Year New Me’ ringing in my ears – I guess that stems from my previous penchant for diets; when “this time next year I’d be thin and gorgeous, and society would finally accept me!” – apologies I digress and anyway that’s another blog post!

So this New Year I decided things would be different.  Yes I did still rush out and hit the sales, but this time I was more selective about what I spent my hard earned on; after all I have lined the pockets of enough diet clubs, fitness groups and gyms over the year to have comfortably retired on! So I decided that I wanted something that would stimulate my brain and motivate me in a totally different way to going blindly out there and only catching my breath when I gave up on whatever it was I was attempting to achieve!

So with all this – and these intentions – in mind I bagged these gorgeous books from, one of my favourite shops, Oliver Bonas; but you can get them at most bookshops too or even our lovely friends at Amazon.

Make it Happen by Kari Chapin – Is a journal of sorts that, a productivity tracker and perfect for the list-makers among us – you know who you are!

Experience Passport by Alex Egner – Just like a real passport where you get stamps from the countries you travel to this ‘passport’ is designed for you to gather life-enriching experiences.  And includes some lovely little prompts.

Love your life by Domonique Bertolucci – A beautiful book of uplifting messages that I usually open where I feel like and read the quote.  I like to share them on my Instgram too, to share her Lovely Jubbly vibes.

If you already have them or use them, let me know in the comments. Thanks x



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