Cheeky little soup review

Firstly, let me just say that for the record I am not vegan; but walking into Waitrose this lunchtime I couldn’t help but be lured by their new (possibly just to me) range of vegan and omnivorous soups, all made with so-called Superfoods (which I am am completely suckered into!)!

SO here is my review of Waitrose VEGAN Green vegetables and grains soup…


  • There are no nasty “E” numbers in the ingredients
  • It’s got 21% broccoli, 13% peas, 3% spinach, coconut cream, brown rice, quinoa, edamame beans and roasted pumpkins seeds in it among other (good) things
  • It’s appetizing BRIGHT GREEN
  • The coconut cream makes the soup thick, creamy and glossy
  • It isn’t over seasoned which can be the case with some soups
  • It comes in a hand microwaveable tub
  • It REALLY fills you up
  • Tastes incredible
  • It was £1.50 in a promotion
  • Most importantly is it (plant) protein rich which Vegans have trouble with getting enough of because they don’t eat animal protein


  • The instructions say 4 minutes in a 800 watt microwave… I suspect that might be too long.  Even though you have to stir it half way through, it was still pretty much boiling when it came out
  • You have to keep stirring it as it does tend to separate as it cools
  • If you can’t tolerate a lot of legumes I would give this a miss, as I believe it could have an ‘effect’ on your digestive system
  • It’s usually £2.00 per pot

Would I buy it again (or try any of the others in the range)?  Oh most definitely I would.  It makes a change to find a veggie/ vegan soup that is creamy and that you wouldn’t know the difference.



I wasn’t paid or asked to undertake this review.

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