Five things that I’m in love with right now…

Here are the five things that I couldn’t do without in my life right now.

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Camomile tea – I’d forgotten how lush this little slice of summer tastes and how calming it is.  This is me with my gorgeous Anthropology ‘S’ mug and some Pukka Three Camomile tea. I like the Pukka’s because they come in individually wrapped packets so if you have them a selection in a jar they don’t taint the others.

Apple Pencil – I was a very lucky mummy at Christmas when my lovely daughter bought me an Apple Pencil to go with my iPad Pro.

I love the colouring apps, but the main thing is being able to write directly into my iPad AND with one particular app allows you to turn your written notes into typed; genius!

My cushions and reading nook – (this counts as two) I love my comfort and I bought this poof last year from a thrift shop.  I just love sitting there all snuggled up with my cushions – hygge-style – reading. I literally sit there and go “Ahhhhh”.  It’s just the comfiest place.  Mind you I’m all about the animals prints and soft furnishings.  I just love being comfortable!

Candles – I love love love candles.  This baby was a birthday gift and It smells
AMAZING!  Mind you my usual candle of choice is Yankee and I have rather too many.

Coconut Sugar – This stuff is amazing and the lovely people at Aldi have priced
theirs at £1.79 instead of some of the other more expensive brands you can buy.

So that you are… “These are a few of my (current) favourite things”; that I just can’t live without!




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