Whole Foods Haul

So today my daughter and I took a long overdue trip to Richmond, and more especially Whole Foods Market (the closest one to me without going into Central London) via a drive through Richmond park dodging all the cyclists!!!

And in my haul was (wiggles fingers excitedly)

  • Fiji water – there are many many waters on the market but Fiji is THE best by far
  • Watermelon cubes – such a faff to chop up watermelon at home and takes up loads of valuable fridge-space
  • MOJU ginger boost – a cheeky cold-pressed ginger boost that blows your HEAD OFF and boosts your immune system. Lovely
  • Garlic cloves in oil – completely addicted; nothing else to say on that
  • Slab of Chocolate Cake – not my fave so that was for the long-suffering “Sarz 1st”
  • A coconut – really into fresh coconut at the moment
  • Faith in Nature shampoo – one of my bathroom/ shower staples. Smells like a dream. And doesn’t contain the rubbish you get in other shampoos; plus it’s  cruelty free

The last item on the list is Rocktails Citrus Spritz.12B023A5-E9F0-42EE-87DA-C9CB7B2EA88B The creator was in the store promoting the product – it actually went on sale TODAY! With eyes like a magpie I was drawn to the gorgeous bottle packaging and then tried a sample.  The spritz tastes amazing; like non-alcoholic gin!  Priced at £1.99 it’s a bit expensive for 250ml, but it’s worth it.

Rocktails would would be perfect as a mixer with Gin, rather than regular tonic!



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