Don’t let comparisons rob you of happiness!

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Hands up, who compares themselves to others? Maybe it’s a little or maybe it’s often, but I’m pretty sure we all do it; but why?

It’s human nature to be attracted to something; a primeval instinct that helped us find a mate and flourish as species. But in modern times we don’t really have to find a mate to guarantee the continuation our kind, yet that doesn’t stop us looking across the field at a bright shiny new piece of grass and thinking “wow it’s got to be better there!”

Whilst comparison provides us with the best car insurance or holiday; it doesn’t help your self esteem.

It robs you of time
Each day we get a fresh batch of 86,400 seconds, so using even one to make comparisons between yourself and others is one second too many!

What can you gain from comparisons?
Answer nothing, zip, squat, zilch, nada… you’re an entirely unique being with your own gifts and talents, so by definition they can’t be compared like for like.

So how can you quit comparing yourself to others?

  • Have your own goal in life
  • Become intimately aware of your own successes
  • Appreciate more
  • Remind yourself nobody is perfect and it’s those things that you deem flaws, other actually love
  • Get inspiration but without comparison
  • A picture doesn’t tell 1000 words, it uses PhotoShop! Remember that when flicking through magazines and comparing yourself to those that adorn the pages

“Don’t read beauty magazines they will only make you feel ugly” – Baz Luhrmann

Finally a reality check; everyone has their own challenges to deal with, which means you don’t know what that person you chose to go compare yourself with is going through. In actual fact the chances are they’re looking at your life and comparing themselves to you!



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