My tattoos

“If you want to be f***ing individual, don’t get a tattoo. Every f***er’s got one these days.” ~ Ozzy Osbourne

So today I thought would talk you through my tattoos. Of course I am a forty something, but I’ve had a reckless youth… (ok reckless 30’s) and got me some ink. To be fair I live with the long-suffering Sarz 1st who has a couple of sleeves, along with other tats (see I have the lingo) so it kinda makes senses that I follow suit.

8901702B-1D48-4B40-A241-0C449E3C3BF0Butterfly – standard tramp stamp circa 2001; picked straight out of “The Book” at the tattooists, but customised in turquoise, so out there!  I have to confess I thought I was the bomb with my tat. Got it out at every opportunity.  Anyone got a magnifying glass? #sadact

D90F2CD9-C995-4D82-B214-CB55E312606CLotus/ mandala – Now I waited a long time to get my next tattoo – 13 years to be precise – and I had mulled it over for the longest time. I didn’t want to go back the “The Book” to choose something, I wanted something that would really mean a lot to me. This one incorporates a lot of my philosophy and beliefs, and I feel empowered having it on me. #notsosadact

A6BB8C75-F2C3-4A3B-8F9F-ABDFD524F5CERoman Numerals and stars – So the numerals came first because they represent my wedding day 19/05/90 and I had it done for my 25th wedding anniversary – the long-suffering Sarz 1st has a matching one! Last year I added the stars after seeing my nail technician’s similar tattoo; so I just had to embellish my numerals with some. And voila #defonotasadact

I definitely want to get some more tattoos and if I didn’t have “proper” job I would, no doubt, be covered, but that’s not an option… at the moment!



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