Surviving until January payday!

So we’re well into the third week of January – the longest month of the year for most.  There’s probs more month left than money; so here are my top tips for surviving until payday…

  • Plan lunches and suppers in advance, and buy the ingredients.  If you don’t think you spend much each day just work out the cost of bought lunches per week.  Even if you buy just a “meal deal” each day that is essentially £15 you’re spending.  Homemade lunches will be cheaper!
  • If you’re a cook (or even if you’re not) soups are a dead easy to make and blitzing them in the NutriBullet (or similar) make them go further
  • Shop at farmer’s markets.  This is still an economical way of buying produce and you’re helping your local economy too
  • Grab supermarket free mags for a bit of light reading – and  ideas janfor meals.  All the main supermarkets have a free mag.  TESCO and Waitrose are my current faves
  • Allow yourself a budget for the week, just for you, and stick to it!  The sales are appealing but do you really need what’s on offer or it is just because it’s there?
  • Treat yourself once a week.  Whatever makes your heart sing then do that – but remember it comes out of your weekly budget
  • Finally, avoid using your credit cards.  The chance are you haven’t got your Xmas bills from them yet, so you don’t want to add to the debt… do you?



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