Test driving a TESLA!

Anyone that knows me will know that I am a complete self-confessed petrol-head.  I have been for most of my life… strange as neither of my parent drove!  However, coming from a large family there were plenty of people who did.

I don’t know too much about the internal workings of a car – I wished I did because then I wouldn’t feel like an idiot walking into a garage with an open cheque book! What I do know is what I like; it’s really as simple as that! Oh and I love the SPEED and POWER!

My uncle once embarked on turning a Morris Marina into a Hot Rod, which received mixed reviews from his family… and my cousin is still very well respected photographer in the Hot Rod world.

Anyway back to my story.  I recently got the chance to test drive a TESLA, and for a petrol-head like me that was just too much!  I had a ball and with only one moving part, no sound and ludicrous mode switched on (0-60 in 2.5 seconds) the Model S was a FANTASTIC drive!

The eagle-eyed among you will see the speeds on the dash which is well within national speed limits you’ll be pleased to note. But let me tell you the temptation was there to put my foot all the way down. However, my passengers didn’t sound like I was keeping within the speed limits … “scream if you want to go faster”!

What can I tell you about the car, aside from it was complete wonderful and I WANT ONE!

  • 0 -60 in warp-speed – I touched on that before but the acceleration is something else. At one point I had to peel by eyeballs from the back of my skull
  • Automatic – so none of that faffing around with gears; meaning just two pedals ‘GO’ and ‘STOP’… and boy can you go!
  • Computer controlled – to the automatic distancing/ breaks. White line warning; in this car you really are a passenger with the steering wheel
  • Overnight updates – much like your iPhone or similar your car gets updated as you charge it.  Meaning the on-board computer is always up to date
  • Finally, and ever so shallowly, my Ralph Lauren Bag fitted perfectly into the centre console – so on that basis I was sold.  Come on I’m a woman and living up to sexist stereotypes OK!

There is only one con – it’s not very ‘sexy’.  I did get the feel that it would be perfect for taking to the golf course with your golf bats in it! But if you get the chance – and you really love cars – I SERIOUSLY recommend you test-drive one (and if the pennies stretch buy one).



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