How to Hygge…

“Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.”– according to

I discovered Hygge when I was researching Mindfulness and I was completely taken with it.  Hygge does actually go hand in hand with Mindfulness.  Its all about being present in the moment.  Appreciating everything for what it is in the now.Hygge is much more than a way of life or a lifestyle.  It’s the physical art of being comfortable in your surroundings and enjoying them, and that isn’t confined to just the home; although that’s where you can (and most probably are) most comfortable. There’s no special food to eat, there’s not lifestyle you need to adopt and there are no classes you need to attend.  Hygge is hygge!

Hygge has become a buzzword with us Brits, but how do you achieve hygge in your surroudings?  Below are some physical things that can help to ‘set the scene’, but you don’t have to do any if it to get Hygge because it is a state of mind.  A state of being.

  • Candles – It’s the main ingredient for the Hygge home.  However, our Danish friends are a little bit picky about the type of candles they burn and perfer to have the non-scented varity.   We Brits love a nice scented candle though; so it doesn’t really matter what you burn, it’s the fact that you are.
  • Lighting – Because Hygge is all about the ambience and getting the lighting right is really important.  Use candles and low level lighting to achieve this
  • Comfy – Cushions, blankets, squashy couches, favourite photos and nicnacs. An open fire if you are lucky enough to have one! Everything you need to snuggle up and feel comfy.  It all makes for the Hygge experience
  • Activities – Knitting, crochet, crafting, blogging, reading, a good film; whatever you feel comfortable doing…do it
  • Hot drinks – Hot chocolate springs to mind, but mulled cider or wine (if you drink alcohol) or the staples of tea and coffee – but make the coffee with hot milk for extra creaminess
  • Good company – sharing with others is he most important part of it. Eating good food, playing board-games and sharing it all with friends

So often we use our homes like a base-camp; flitting from work to the gym, to an acitivity, to college etc. etc..  We very rarely appreciate it for what it is… our home!

Whereever you achievie it; ultimately Hygge is all about making everyday moments, beautiful, special and more meaningful.



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