Reverse Bucket List: 21 things I’ve already done

Almost everyone has a Bucket List of things they want to achieve – me included – but here is my reverse Bucket List of the things that I have already done!

  1. Held the FA Cup
  2. Given birth to two children
  3. Watched the sun come up over the sea
  4. Driven across the Golden Gate Bridge
  5. Been on TV (several times)
  6. Been on Safari
  7. Visited South Africa
  8. Seen Adele live (we were one of the lucky ones)
  9. Attended to Reading Festival (in my forties)
  10. Had a drink in The Temple Bar – Dublin
  11. Have seen Madonna live
  12. Had a delivery from Harrods (from the famous green and gold liveried van)
  13. Seen Les Miserablé (and various other West End shows in the West End)
  14. Seen Princess Diana’s dress collectionimg_2360
  15. Seen the ‘Big Five’ – on safari
  16. Seen Michael Jackson live
  17. Got married
  18. Been to Ibiza clubbing
  19. Sampled Guinness in The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin
  20. Been to Disneyland – California
  21. Seen Fleetwood Mac live


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