Thinking of a change of career?…

When you’re considering changing your career the most important thing to look at before you do anything is your VALUES.

What’s most important to you in your life:

  • Health?
  • Spending more time with your family?
  • Doing more charity work?
  • Seeing friends more often?
  • Going to the gym?
  • Feeling needed and appreciated?
  • Developing new skills?
  • Making more money?

Your career values and needs are inextricably linked to your personal life values and needs. You spend a good portion of your adult life in a career so you need to make sure that you’re doing the right thing.

Research says that on average we make seven careers changes in our working life; so getting to know yourself will help work out what is the right career move for you.

Once you’ve fleshed out what is important to you, do LOTS of research into the type of role you would like.

  • Does it mean retraining?
  • Could you do evening/weekend classes?
  • Is there someone who could mentor you?
  • Look at the local job market
  • Talk to recruitment agents
  • Set yourself weekly goals

For example, on this day I will spend 2 hours researching jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed etc. On this day I will call 2/4/6 recruitment agents. On this day I will call another 4 agents, and so on.

Keep track of your progress and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete it all.

Remember take baby steps to making your ideal career move.


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