Votes for Women… Thank you Ladies!

Today my blog is very simple; on the 100th Anniversary of The Representation of People Act which saw women getting the vote in the UK for the first time, I couldn’t be more thankful and proud of what these incredible women achieved.

As the forerunners of modern-day feminism and equality, we have much to thank this band of maverick Suffragette women for.

Without their tenacity and total belief in their cause, women wouldn’t have a voice or all the things we take for granted nowadays;such as the right to an abortion, access to the same opportunities in education as our male counterparts, to be able to fight on the front line, the right to vote!  The list is long.

We still have some way to go in the UK, particularly in closing the gender pay gap, but we are light years away from the second class citizens women were considered to be a mere 100 years ago! (R indeed what our female counterparts endure on a day to day basis elsewhere in the world!).

Ladies, thank you for your sacrifice.


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