Mindful not mind full…

Despite what you might think habits are formed by our unconscious mind through repetition. Now sometimes this can serve us like for example when we learn to walk as a baby; thank goodness we don’t have to learn how to do THAT everyday (apart from when you’ve had a few to many!!)! But other things don’t serve us like smoking for instance.

But if we become conscious of our habits and start establishing them more mindfully we can seriously improve our overall wellbeing. So by undertaking mindfulness practices you can vastly reduce stress, help unpick those bad habits and create greater balance.

You can find all sorts of mindful mediations online, particularly on Youtube, and there are a number of apps around too. Here’s a simple mindfulness mediation to try when you have time to yourself when you won’t be disturbed;

  1. Sit on a straight-backed chair or cross-legged on the floor.
  2. Focus on an aspect of your breathing, such as the sensations of air flowing into your nostrils and out of your mouth, or your belly rising and falling as you inhale and exhale.
  3. Once you’ve narrowed your concentration in this way, begin to widen your focus. Become aware of sounds, sensations, and your ideas.
  4. Let thoughts float into your mind and let them go again without judging them as good or bad. If your mind starts to wander, return your focus to your breathing. Then expand your awareness again.

If you’d prefer a guided mindfulness mediation the why not try Calm, digipill, headspace or my personal favourite Stop, Breathe & Think.

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