I’m so excited…

I am so excited for two reasons.  Number 1 my blog is now officially sarahlovesthis.com!  Yay!!!

But more exciting than that; this week I get to go to The Best You Expo at Olympia.  Double yay!!!

If you haven’t heard about The Best You Expos, they take place in London and Los Angeles and according to their mission statement “guide and inspire people on their path towards realising their greatest potential…”

Taking place over 2 days (I got some free tickets and will be going on Friday) there are some big hitters in the world of self-development speaking.  The likes of Paul McKenna, Bernardo Moya (founder of the Expo) and Marie Diamond (an expert from The Secret).

There’s 11 different areas or zones covering such topics as Empowering Women, Life + Work Balance, Health and Lifestyle, as well as Meditation Classes and Pole Dancing lessons!

I’m looking forward to it benefiting both myself and my blog.  I love getting inspiration from events like this and translating it back into my own life.  AND if these inspirational experiences can enhance Sarah Loves This… then so much the better!

If you’re going have an amazing time; and if not I’ll tell you all about my day and what did there!


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