I’m so excited part 2… The Best You Expo!

So earlier in the week I said how excited I was to be going to The Best You Expo at Olympia… and today I went with my sister from another mother – AKA my fabulous sister in law.  This my review.

Arriving at the venue we had already printed out tickets meaning that we were fast-tracked through to the Expo – good shout!  We went straight to get a coffee to plan out visit and decide who we wanted to see.

The Expo is divided up into 9 areas – Mindfulness & Wellbeing, Inspiration Zone, Health & Lifestyle, Work + Life Balance, A Better World, Best of Business, Wealth & Riches, Empowering Women, Passion to Profit.

For me Wealth & Riches and Passion to Profit really didn’t sit well, only because that really isn’t my thing outside of my corporate life.  I appreciate that it is part of the whole ‘You’, just not for me.

Still back to the day.  We spent all of our time in Olympia West which was where the Yoga, Mindfulness etc, could be found.

Pam Lob
Our first talk was Pam Lob who has come through her own adversity to run her own wellbeing company.  She talked about the benefits of self-care and how we should all make time to do it everyday.  She used the analogy of the oxygen masks being dropped during a flight, and having to put you own on before you can help others.  The same with our own lives.  We need to look after ourselves, include self-care amongst our practices before we can help others.  It is true I’m sure that we don’t always put ourselves first.  Note to self:  Look after number one!

She also took us through a brief meditation; asking us to imagine a golden light from above coming down and through our bodies, then into the ground making roots on which coloured crystals were attached.  Incredibly restful, grounding and set me up for the day!

Mala Bridgelal Ram
After some lunch, and some gathering of freebie magazines and chats to people, we did a meditation call entitled “Meditation to tap into your creativity” with Mala.  She was BRILLIANT, as was the meditation.  She took us through the seven chakras, explaining what they were related to and what they effect.  She then went into a meditation which was mind-blowing.  Considering that we were in a busy hall, she somehow managed to get me to block that out the noise and I have to say that I was in another realm altogether!  I found it hard “coming back into the room”.

Massage Zone
Not content with being away with the universe at our previous meditation, we embarked on a back, neck and shoulder massage which was HEAVEN.  The massage was by donation; you paid what you thought it deserved.  I suffer terribly with my left shoulder but my masseuse sorted that right out; spending a lot of time on the knots.  Yes it was slightly weird being massaged in front of a crowded hall, but you know what it really didn’t matter.  The overall vibe of the place made me not worry about it.

Rhiannon Lambert
Next on the list was the lovely Rhiannon Lambert.  I’m not going to lie her delivery style was a little Mary Poppins, but what she had to say was incredibly inspiring.  The title of her presentation was “Re-nourish:  Building a healthy relationship with food” which is something that we can all benefit from regardless of age or gender.

Rhiannon talked about the psychology of nutrition, how diets DON’T WORK – FACT; and shared her 4 R’s

  • Respect – for yourself in your food choices
  • Refuel – use food to refuel your body
  • Rehydrate – drink plenty of water
  • Recover – nourishing your body during your recovery

On a one to one basis Rhiannon was really lovely and helpful.  My sister in law spoke to her on a related matter and she really knew her stuff providing suggestions and signposting.  Not a Mary Poppins in sight!

Before we saw out last speaker we ran into Calum Best.  A beautiful specimen of a man who was also an exhibitor at the event with his BestMeLife – a journal for a productive and mindful life!

Julie Silver
Finally we sat in on the Julie Silver (aka the Vitality Fairy) talk entitled “Don’t Stress, Sparkle”.  From what I could tell her experience was based entirely on trying to alleviate her son’s acute eczema and allergies from a very young age.  A lot of what she was talking about made sense – mindful eating, eating with love and acceptance, meditative practices etc.  She went on to talk about supplements that could be used to detox amongst other things.  However, if I’m completely honest there was no cohesion in her presentation, it just seemed like a hobby that she has worked up into a business. All of that said she was incredibly passionate about what she did and was really lovely with it.

Final Thoughts
I loved, loved, loved the Expo.  It was everything that I hoped it would be and more. The vibe in the room was so good.  The stands were a perfect mix, and I have come away from it inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated with lots and lots of blog ideas!


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