Move over Hygge there’s a new word in town…

It’s crazy how obsessed us Brits are obsessed with Scandinavia!  Not just the flat packed furniture, meatballs and Northern Lights, but now it seems another new buzz word in town – Lagom (pronounced lah gum) !

Unlike the Danish way of living known as Hygge, which can be quite hard to explain (see my post How to Hygge); Lagom is a Swedish word this time which put quite simply means “just enough”.  Think Goldielocks – not too hot, not too cold, just right.

What’s Lagom?

The word derives from the phrase “laget om” which translated directly into English means “around the team” i.e. the middle, the appropriate.  Apparently asking a Swede about lagom is a bit like asking a fish what water is; something you just don’t do because it’s absolutely a way of life.

How does it work?

If you think about it Scandinavia food (and I suspect you might have tried it at a certain homeware store famed for its meatballs) the food isn’t fancy.  No bells and whistles; just good food perfectly executed.  And that is true of all Scandinavia cooking; always simple ingredients well prepared.

3 ways get Lagom in your life…

So we can take this concept/ way of life and translate it into our own lives and here’s three ways how;

  • With food – Fewer ingredients, prepared with care, and eaten with gratitude and love
  • At the gym – Don’t burn yourself out at the gym. Learn what just enough is – the caveat being unless you’re an athlete
  • When you’re eating – don’t stuff yourself silly, stop every so often, prise the hands from the sandwich or put the cutlery down, and see how you feel.  Have you had ‘just enough’, if so stop eating!

If you want to find out more, there’s plenty of info on the Internet and some great books out there.  This is the one that I have and you can get it from Amazon for £4.99.

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