17 acts of random kindness to try out…

Here are some more tried and tested “kind” ideas

  1. Send a ‘just because’ card to your best friend.
  2. Text your mum (or dad) and tell them you love them – no guarantees of the reaction, but suffice to say they won’t be here forever!
  3. Stop and allow someone out in the traffic queue – and let’s face it if it’s anything like my little part of the globe there is A LOT of traffic
  4. Sort out some blankets you don’t want anymore and donate them to a homeless shelter or animal charity.
  5. Pay it forward in line at your favorite coffee shop.
  6. Bring your neighbur’s wheelie bin up to their house after refuse collection.
  7. Drop off coffee to a friend or bring a cup for your colleague.
  8. Return a shopping trolley for someone at the supermarket (if you don’t have coin activated ones).
  9. Leave a compliment via sticky note on a mirror for your partner.
  10. Say a simple ‘hello’ to everyone you come in contact with today.
  11. Volunteer somewhere in your community that holds meaning to you.
  12. Help someone carry their shopping bags.
  13. Write positive messages, comments or kindness quotes on the Facebook wall of some of your friends.
  14. Pick up any rubblish you come across in your day (you’ll be surprised at how much there is)!
  15. Make a phonecall to a friend or family member out of the blue – talk so much by text these days it’s guaranteed to blow them away!
  16. Bring a hot cup of coffee to someone who works outside.
  17. Let someone with a few items go in front of you at the supermarket if you’re doing a big shop.

if you want some more inspiration for performing acts of random kindness check out Random Acts of Kindness website!



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