It’s in the bag – my 16 handbag must haves…

Today, after the significance of International Women’s Day yesterday, I thought I would end the week on a more light-hearted note and share with you my handbag must haves (or rather some of the “stuff” I carry in mine!).


Handy pocket pack for the emergency sniffles.

Body Shop Hemp Handcream

Where would I be without my glorious hemp handcream. Check out my blog post on hemp to find out more about this wonder plant and it’s healing properties.

Strawberry fold up shopping bag

That’s a must in the UK now that we are charged upwards of 5p per plastic carrier bag from the store.

L’Occitane Shea lip balm

I’ve tried loads of lip balms but this is my absolute fave.  It’s quite expensive at £9, but it’s well worth the money because it really does the trick.

e.l.f. lip plumper

Whilst we’re on the topic of lips this is another fave.  I’m so glad that e.l.f. is available in the UK now (at Superdrug) because this lip plumper is the best.  I’ve found some lip plumpers are so painful, but this one isn’t and the effects are obvious (in a good way) and last a long time.

Pencil case

I know I know I’m no longer at school – and haven’t been for years – but I always have a slim pencil case in my bag so that I don’t have to root through my bag for a pen when I’m in a meeting.

John Frieda fizz ease moisture barrier hairspray

My love affair with JohnFrieda and his fizz ease products has been a long long one.  I discovered him before a trip to South Africa once because I needed something to keep my frizzy/ curley locks in check in the humidity… enter moisture barrier hairspray.  Now I always have a mini can in my handbag.

Safety pins

I learnt the hard way that zips break and that paper clips don’t quite cut it in the repairing department.  So I always have a safety pin in my bag for such an emergency.

iPhone 7 plus

I’d never go anywhere without my iPhone (apart from on the odd occasion that I forget it), but it is a constant in my bag, along with the lightening cable in my car. It does so much more than make calls as we all know and if I’m honest calls are what I do least on it!

Clear quartz crystal

If you saw my video last Friday then you would have seen me with my clear quartz crystal that came in the package with my crystal water bottle.  So I have changed the crystal  I carry with my currently.  Clear quartz is at the top of the tree in crystal healing and is an all round good protector.

Business card holder

An absolute must-have.  There is nothing worse than having rooted around in your bag to find a pen to do the same hunting for a business card.  Business card folders are as cheep as chips – mines a cute metal one – and they’ll save you the embarrassment of digging out a moth-eaten business card from your PURSE!


Always great for an instant breath freshener and to clean your teeth after eating.  I used to be addicted (I’m pretty sure), but I still like to keep some for post-lunch meeting emergencies!

Water bottle

What bag wouldn’t be complete without a water bottle of some kind?  My current one is from the Wellness brand and it’s thermos so perfect for keeping cold water cold; just how I like it.  Plus you know exactly how much you’re drinking.  Note-to-self though… remember to close the drinking spout before you put it back into your bag!

Fuel for Life perfume by Diesel

My absolute favourite fragrance.  It’s just the best.  I can’t put it into words what the emotions and memories the smell of FfL brings to mind.  I love it and have worn it for years.


I always have a snack or two in my bag because I suffer with low blood sugar and if I leave it too long I am a mess with the shakes etc.  I’ve worked very hard to stabilize my blood sugar level by eating the right types of food, so I always have something in my bag just in case.  I love nakd bars and my current fave is lemon drizzle, which I do buy in bulk!!!

Hand Gel

I’ve numerous of these, but my fave is one that I got in a recent glossy box from Bath and Body Works.  It smells divine and eliminates all those nasties from your mits!

So that’s it… just some of the stuff I carry around with me on a daily basis.  I haven’t included the have teabags (in envelopes), currently a pair of woolen gloves (due to the weather), as well as the obvious keys!

But what do you carry around with you?  Share in the comments.





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