7 Signs you’re in the Universal Flow…

See 3 or more of these signs and you are most definitely in the Universal Flow!

  • Synchronicity
  • Vivid Dreams
  • 1111 or 11:11
  • Strong Intuition
  • Feathers and Rainbows
  • Seeing/ hearing what you’ve asked the universe for everywhere!
  • Seeing/ hearing the same thing everywhere that you HAVEN’T asked to see, but you feel is ‘following’ you!

Feathers and Rainbows are what I want to talk about in this post.

I was in the St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds about eight years go now, when I was standing at the transept, beyond the nave looking at the coats of arms of all the counties England through the mirror positioned there. It was whilst doing this that something caught my eye and I glanced down at my feet, and there was the largest pure, snow white feather I had ever seen! This utterly took my breath away because other than having a gaggle of geese in the Cathedral (which I definitely hadn’t seen or heard) there seemed to me to be no other explanation than that I received a visit from an angel… Let me say now that I follow no organised religion at all.

I still have the feather and truly believe it was a sign meant only for me. I believe this was a sign from the universe confirming I was on the right path, and maybe my ‘visitor’ was simply trying to get my attention; the angelic equivalent of shouting perhaps!


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