What diet is the best to lose weight?…

If I had the answer to that question I would be giving the likes of Bill Gates a run for his money with all my billions in the bank. Sadly, however, I don’t have the answer because, as it turns out, there are a lot of variables to consider.

Now anyone who reads my blog will already know that I am a passionate anti-dieter, and this has not changed. However, as part of my current nutrition training I have been reading an American study on that exact topic. The Centre for Science in the Public Interest published the findings of a studies, over ten years, in to which diet had the most effective weight loss, and the short answer is the jury is still out!

What researchers have realised is that it’s now not just a straightforward calculation of calories ‘in’ versus calories ‘out’. What they have discovered is that the amount of weight loss on low fat or low carb, or any diet, is also greatly affected by such factors such as genetics, your gut health and amount of sleep! Incidentally, there’s no difference between the two current most popular diets in terms of weight loss.

This is great news for those, like me, that would like to take a much more holistic approach to their weight loss. Finally, someone has stepped up and said it’s not just a one size fits all low fat or low carb diet that works. That in fact, everyone is different, and other factors need to be taken into consideration as part of the whole approach to loosing weight.

One thing that the diet research community is all agreed on is that the amount of sugar and salt in your diet needs to be reduced, as that has a huge impact on weight loss and overall health. The best way to do this is to cut down on the processed and ready made foods which often have sugars and salt added because they are tasteless without them.

Ultimately, the best way to reduce your consumption of processed foods is to go to your local farmers market and see what’s on offer. I don’t mean the produce aisle in your local supermarket (but if that’s all you have then it’s much much better than nothing). I mean an actual local farmers market where you are buying local (and supporting your farming community). OK so the veg and fruit don’t look perfect but taste amazing!

Going to your local farmers market, and using the produce bought there will have much more impact to your diet than counting points, syns, fat grams, carb grams, glycemic index or any other sciency weight-loss calculating algorithm! AND your much more likely to not bitch and moan about what you ate and “how bad you were” in doing so!

My weight loss advice… “Go to the farmers market and buy what’s fresh; then have some fun cooking with it, and eating it.”


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