What to do around the spring equinox…

4:15pm GMT today 20 March 2018 marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the exact time when day and night are of equal length, before we climb that beautiful bright, light, warm hill to summer.

New Beginnings. That’s what spring is all about. The triumph of light, planting new seeds both physically and metaphorically. Planning new adventures, stepping out in faith for dreams that make us yearn for the unknown, the new, the uncharted in our life.  It’s common to use this time to take stock; to free yourself and discard what no longer serves you and put your energies in what you do wish to have appear in your our life!

Eat with others

Make a picnic and share it with others. If it’s too cold outside, have it inside, but still try to spend this day outdoors as much as possible.  Eating is always a good way of grounding yourself too.

Let’s go fly a kite

Take some kites out and run like a spring hare to get them into the sky! Running aroound and laughing whilst you enjoy this activity demonstrates that spring is definitely in the air – even if we have been battling the snow for the last few days!  Nothing can stop you from the new beginnings that spring brings with it.

Brighten up you abode with flowers

A pot of daffodils or hyacinths; or cut daffs in doors provides that dollop of spring colour.  Outing the cold grey colours of winter and bring in the gaudy colours of spring shows that mother nature is unrepentant in her display that a new season is starting.

Crystalise your friendship

Give the gift of a crystal or two to a friend.  Yellow citrine – the bringer of abundance – is perfect for this time of year.  Make sure to charge on a sunny window sill before you hand it over.

However you chose to celebrate this time of year, enjoy yourself!



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