White feathers…

I have been seeing a lot of white feather around in unusual places recently.  Only today, I saw two in the space of a few paces.

I’ve always known that they are the symbol of a loved one watching over me, but I thought I would do a bit more research into the meanings and I have to say it’s just such an interesting subject that I thought I would share my findings with you.

Relax and calm down

The sight of a white feather, whether in a usual or unusual place can be telling you to calm down, take time for yourself and relax.  They often appear when you have a lot on your mind apparently.  So take heed if that’s something you’re currently experiencing, and take a bit of time out.

Magical signs

According to Native Americans and Aborigines, amongst others, feathers are believed to carry with them mystical powers and even a hint of magic.  Ever wonder why these cultures wear feathers in their hair?  Not just coincidence my friend; they are thought to be a direct connection to the creator.

Special gift

Ever had a feather land at your feet from nowhere?  Well traditionally this is a positive omen.  Your calls, prays, visualisations have been heard, and indeed answered.  This is ‘spirits’ way of showing you their guidance and support.

A cosmic hello

I mentioned in my post about universal signs last week that I received a huge great white feather when I was in St Edmundsbury Abbey in Bury St Edmunds out of nowhere, and again it’s believed that is considered a ‘magical moment’.  It’s a sign from the universe/ cosmos that your higher consciousness is connected to source, the co-creator or universal mind.

My story

This past weekend – before we started out on our MOB dress shopping trip – my sister in law and I found a pure white feather on the windscreen wiper of the car.  She had been experiencing car troubles, having previously been stuck for three hours on the M40 when it broke down the previous weekend.  The garage couldn’t work out what was wrong with it so advised her to only do short trips in it!  She took the feather from the wiper and put it in the console of the car, as she considered it a lucky omen for the trip.  You know what?  It was a lucky trip; not a hit of car trouble!





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