Law of attraction in action…

As anyone will know that reads my blog or who knows me knows that I very much believe that what you put out into the universe you get back – and some. However, I recently had just a reminder of my the life before I consciously started harnessing the power of Law of Attraction.

I had woken up in plenty of to time, as I needed to catch a train to work at a different office, but right from the off there were smatterings of chaos in what I was doing.

  • I didn’t get the bathroom first
  • The toast would brown quick enough
  • My daughter isn’t ready for her lift with me – just like school days!
  • There was an accident on our journey, followed by traffic jams, poodlers and dawdlers – you know the kind that get scared at the sight of FROST.
  • In the car park I put my laptop bag on the bonnet of my car in order to fish something out of my bag; it rolled off splat on the concrete of the car park floor.

All the while I could feel myself getting more and more tense, agitated and wound up. Then I heard it; a little guiding voice in my head saying, “Whoa there Sarah, calm down, you’ve created this chaos, now just take a deep breath.” It was almost like I was seeing how mad my behaviour was from the outside; like viewing Road Runner when he goes passed the stop sign into the cavan. So taking heed of this little guiding voice of reason I stood on the spot, closed my eyes and took a few cleansing breathes, imaging I was being filled with a super white light from above. It took just seconds and no one noticed me! I was instantly grounded and immediately I felt calmer.

The impact of this micro “in the now” moment on my day was incredible too!

  • No queue at the station ticket machine
  • Made my train by not panicking I was going to miss it
  • A SEAT and facing the right way on the train
  • No queue at the well-known ‘posh’ provider of sarnies and Percy Pigs!
  • And a two hour meeting cancelled

So be aware of what you’re putting out into the universe and how your actions cause a very undesirable reaction.



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