(Wo)Man’s best friend…

It’s a sad blog post today I’m afraid.

Yesterday my heart was ripped from its moorings, safe in my chest, and was splattered to the four winds; for our beautiful, handsome, amazing, liquorice Labrador Archie left us to take up his new home in “Doggy Heaven”.

My beautiful Big Bear had been off colour recently, and because he was 9 we assumed it might be a dental issue.  However, a trip to the vets yesterday brought things into sharp focus.  After a scan it revealed that Archie was suffering from cancer of the spleen which had most likely spread.  If left he could have potentially bled to death internally within weeks.  Such an incredible shock for us all. And more especially a decision had to be made.  The decision that every pet owner knows has to happen one day, but never wants to make.

The long suffering Sarz first stayed with Archie to the end, whilst us girls (me and my two daughters) descended into a swimming pool of tears.

It’s hard coming to terms with making such a decision; did we give in too soon? Did we give up on him?  All these questions go round in your head.  But you have to go with your gut instinct and the advice you’re given.

As heart breaking a decision as it was, we know we made the right one.  We all had a chance to say goodbye, even if it was very confusing for Arch at the time.

We had Arch for 9 and a half glorious years; and when you consider he should have been dead within his first year because he was run over at 9 months in a farm accident, we were incredibly fortunate.

Our home is a little bigger, and quieter this evening as I write the blog, because there’s an Archie shaped hole in its very fabric.  Thank you Arch for choosing us all those years ago, you made our family so very happy with your boundless energy and kind nature.  We will miss you so very much, Archie ma Boy!


Archie the footballer in action.

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