What can we learn from our pets…

Before I start I’m referring to dogs in this post, but the content applies to any pet… from Iguanas to Llamas!

What our furry four-legged companions teach us about bringing more joy into our own lives.

Be yourself …

When was the last time you caught your Schnauzer asked you if their butt looked big? Answer; NEVER and you know why?  Dog don’t give a crap about what they look like; when they come in wet from a stinking pond.  Of course the groom themselves, but they don’t care about anything else (aside from when the next meal is).  We could learn a lot from them!  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Be 100% authentically YOU!

Be present …

Have you noticed how our loyal furry friends practice mindfulness, particularly if they’re playing with a toy or chewing a bone? They appreciate what is in front of them right there and then in the moment, concerning themselves with nothing else.  Time to take a leaf out of their books; obviously not with a bone, but certainly when it comes to activities be present in the moment and give whatever it is you’re doing your full attention.  Interestingly research shows that the more we are in the ‘zone’ when we eat; the less we actually eat, FACT.  So that’s good for the waistline too!!!

Be grateful …

A sure sign that your dog is happy is his wagging tail. When you arrive at home from work, when you play ball or stick in the park with them, when it’s food time.  All of this is to let you know that they are grateful.  Grateful you’ve returned home safely from work. Grateful that you’re playing with them.  Grateful that you’re feeding them.  How often are you grateful for your lot in life?  How often do you moan about the journey home, work, the weather… Just add a bit of gratitude into your life and see how it expands and what you get out of it.

Follow your bliss …

Ever watched a dog go after a ball or a Frisbee or a stick? How they go off in pursuit of their treasured ‘toy’ not a care in the world; with total abandonment.  Then they bring it back to you to throw it.  We should take a leaf out of their books.  The best experiences are the other side of our comfort zone.  In other words… the grass is greener on the other side!

Be a bit more dog …

Dogs are loyal companions. How often do you see a homeless person with a canine best friend?  OK so the cynics among you will stay that’s only to play on the heart strings because people are more likely to give money if there is a pet involved (and that is true to a degree).  I’m willing to bet that your dog would lay down their life for you if needs be.  They are smart, keen, intelligent, and above all we can learn a lot from them.


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