The Simple Things Mag review…

I believe I might have come a bit late to the party on this one, but recently I discovered The Simple Things magazine; and now I know what has been missing from my life!

It all started when…

I was mooching through the “alternative”/ “New Age”/ “Spiritual” section of my local WH Smith, when I stumbled across the magazine.

First impressions…

If I’m honest what first attracted me was the paper that the mag had been printed on. I know it sounds daft, but some real thought has gone into the printing stock used. I wanted to know more…

Between the sheets…

What I discovered among the pages – put quite simply – were pieces of my mind, life and a reflection of my blog. Every month’s issue has a different theme. April, for instance, is THINK!

It is everything, everything I love in a magazine; it resonated on such a level with me. The authentic real Sarah!

So what was in it to provoke such waxing lyrical?

You might well ask… well quite frankly it is an eclectic mix of recipes, lovely things for the home, playlists (the inspiration for my play lists in actual fact), “how too”s, mindfulness practices and meditations, as well as true-life stories and beautiful places to visit! All wrapped up in some beautiful imagery and very tactile pages.

What’s my overall opinion?

I had gotten a bit fed up with the soul and spirit type magazines which seemed to me to be churning out the same topics over-time, and was looking for a replacement. So The Simple Things came into my consciousness at just the right time and I am completely in love with this magazine.

At £4.99 a month, it works out at just under £1.25 a week – bargain! If you don’t want to commit to the mag just yet, check out the website to see what all the fuss is about!

Let me know what you think of the website/ mag in the comments below.

Happy reading!!!


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