Chip shop post…

I have had such a busy day driving around what seems like half the UK, that I have had to resort to fish and chips for supper!

Whilst I’m waiting for the beautiful golden batter to get nice and crispy – rather while I actually wait for my order to be cooked – I thought I would write a quick post.

So I received a message from my lovely sister in law this morning asking me if I knew that name of my MOB dress that I am wearing for our daughter’s wedding next month. Crazy question I thought, but not so it seems and here’s why.

Now if you follow The MOB Diary then you will know that recently I bought my MOB dress during a very snowy trip to Brighton. What I didn’t know until today was that it had a name.

The dress that I’m wearing; the first one that tried on during my shopping trip, then subsequently bought is called… Molly. And Molly is the name of our daughter who’s getting married.

As you all know I believe in the power of the universe, and how it has an amazing way of showing you the way. I say this because I was considering changing my outfit and buying something new. Suffice to say I’m not going to do that now!

My food’s ready so I’m off to have supper now…

Until next time…


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