The Universe is ALWAYS talking to you!

If you’re familiar with the hit Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty, then you will be familiar with Bruce pleading with the Universe to “give him a sign”.  But in true Bruce style (and just like the rest of us) he ignores the signs right in front of him; screaming right up in his face!

We always pay attention to road signs, directions, instructions everyday; yet we seemingly ignore the signs, all around us, from the Universe?

What is the Universe?

To me the Universe is a connection. It’s within everyone of us on the planet.  It’s all encompassing, omnipresent and fluid.  It is what we are all part of!

The Universe is ALWAYS communicating with you

The Universe speaks to us all the time, it’s just that we don’t understand what it’s trying to tell us. Or we have trouble decoding the messages.  For instance you might hear a lyric from a song, or a snippet of someone’s conversation all saying a similar thing.  Then you might see a bumper sticker or a t-shirt slogan; take all the pieces and play detective.  What you might just find it’s the answer to a question you’ve been asking yourself.

So don’t be like Bruce, keep your eyes peeled for signs from the Universe.  They might be subtle so you may have to increase your awareness – quiet that Monkey Mind and step over your ego to do it – but when you do and really get into the flow it’s whole new world… trust me!


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