Happy Star Wars Day

With it being Star Wars Day and all today I thought I’d look at what we can learn the Jedi Master himself – Yoda.

“You will know when you are calm. At peace.”

Yoda knows the benefits of meditation.  To calm your monkey mind, practice meditation.  Since I have started meditating so much has changed for me.  I sleep well. I healed much quicker from an operation and I can definitely deal with stressful situations much better.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Yoda encapsulates the human struggle to ‘try’ and do things: be better, achieve more, be something.  Yoda makes it really simple; either you do or you don’t there’s no middle ground. As Nike says “Just do it!”.

“You must feel the Force around you”

We’re all part of this amazing wonderful Universe, where you can manifest your world as you go along.  Tap into this Force to create the life you want.

“Fear is the path to the Dark Side”

Quit worrying about what you can’t control, because fear can bog you down creating feelings of unhappiness and depression

“Size matters not.”

I like to think that the little green man is talking about not getting hung up on your weight or dieting and these three empowering words are to remind us of that positive body image!

May the Force with you!


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