The sounds and smells of warm weather…

Just sitting here on my sunny patio penning this I’m minded of the need to live for the moment. The sound of a bird singing. The sound of the ice cream ‘man’ calling buyers to his van for those sticky creamy treats – despite what you were told as a child those chimes mean there is ice cream on board; it isn’t his “sold out” warning! The sound of kids splashing in swimming pools. The waft of a BBQ coming across on the breeze. It’s a great time to be alive!

If you can, on a day like today, close your eyes for a few moments and let the warm sun and associated warmth wash over you. With your eyes closed have an internal conversation with the Universe, your god, whatever your higher power is, and list the things that you’re thankful for. Listen to all those sounds of warm weather; breath in the smells and make the absolute most of living in the moment.

Until next time lovelies…


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