Keep calm and commute…

As it’s the first day of the commuting week I thought I would share my tips for staying chilled on your travels!

Your commute can be a very stressful part of the day. In my particular part of the world we have a notorious “car park” masquerading as a motorway, so I know just what it’s like! But what can you do to stay calm on your commute?

Whether you’re in a car driver, train or plane passenger or even a walker here are some ways to keep calm and commute…

Listen to music or a talking book

It’s a well known fact that music can set the mood and alter your mood. Choose your music carefully when you’re commuting. I love to listen to meditation type music or listen to a good talking book. Meditation type music calms me right down.

Recommend for 🚗🚂👟 ✈️


Meditation is a very easy way to calm down on your commute. There are lots of apps, podcasts and downloads available; my personal faves are Headspace and Calm. This is only recommended if you’re a passenger though!

Recommend for 🚂 👟 ✈️ (and 🚗 passengers only)

Flash that smile

Smile at a stranger. I’ve said it before in my post of ‘Guidance for the Week Ahead’,  but smiling at a stranger can really make you feel better about the situation you find yourself in, and you don’t know what a positive effect it’ll have on their day.

Recommend for 🚗🚂👟 ✈️

… and breathe

A deep breath works miracles for calming anxiety. Make sure that it’s a deep belly breath in through your nose. Hold it for a few seconds and then let is go through your mouth.  So when someone swoops in and takes that vacant seat you have your eye on take that deep breath!

Recommend for 🚗🚂👟 ✈️

Give these a go on your next commute and see how you feel. I can’t guarantee miracles, but it’ll make your commute a more positive one!

Until next time lovelies…


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