Cheeky little ‘Erase your face’ review…

I recently brought an Erase Your Face cloth not really knowing what it was and man why have I never had one of these in my life before???

If I’m honest I was more than a little skeptical about this actually working, but this amazing little cloth removes 100% of you make up (including waterproof) with just water; H2O!

It’s (machine) washable. And with all the talk about banning face wipes by 2020 due to the amount of plastic in them, this magical cloth is reusable so it’s the perfect answer.  The best bit is that there’s no harmful chemicals or synthetic makeup removers to worry about!

I bought one each for my daughter’s so they could tell me what they thought; and this is what they said…

“Fantastic, I couldn’t believe how easy it is.”

“How does it work though, is it actual magic.”

If you want to get your hands on one of these you’ll find them on Amazon here

Until next time lovelies,


This is not sponsored content. Just an honest review of a fab product!


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