Live your best life!…

Every so often we get a wake up call.  Something will happen that really brings the fragility of life home to us and makes us question our very existence in the here and now.  At times like this we re-evaluate our lives, and whether we’re squeezing every last drop out of them. 

So. What would your eulogy say?  This is always a great life coaching question and something to think about.

Here are my tips for living the best life, one that others will remember.

Be grateful.

You have a lot to be grateful for.

Most of you reading this live in a free democratic society, where you are free to make you own choices and create your own future and to love who you want to love. There are many place across the world where that simply isn’t the case.  Sun is out.  The sky is blue.  You’re alive.  Be grateful for it all!

Stop being jealous of others.

Jealousy is ugly so stop with the green-eyed monster. We’re all guilty of it; whether it’s wishing you had things that others have or maybe it’s the fear losing a relationship. Whatever it is you need to let go f this negative way of thinking. Remember stuff is just material crap that you could probably do without.  And as for relationships; confidence goes a long way!

Be generous.

Be free with your time, energy and money and make the world a better place. In doing so you can create a domino effect that encourages others to follow in your footsteps.  

Don’t fear the fear of failure.

We can all too often decide not to do something because we are too concerned about failing. If you think lie that you’ll never try or achieve anything.  Failure and fear of it teaches us valuable lessons.  

People that are over “night successes” really aren’t.  They have tried and failed numerous times.  Whether it’s trying to secure a record deal or setting up their own business;  before the “overnight success” there will be lots of failures.

Stop bad-mouthing others.

No good will come of gossiping about or bad mouthing people.  You will just get yourself a bad rep as either who can’t be trusted! 

Make time for people.

… particularly your kids.  Nowadays people often spend too much time on their tables or phones and less communicating with their kids.  Likewise you family are important, but your self-chosen family definitely require your time too.  Talk to you folks and find out everything you can before they’re no longer here.  I’m not a perfect parent. I spend too much time on the computer and I’m often distracted. 

How do you live your best life?  Use the comments to share.


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