Dear 21st Century Parents…

Firstly, I have to say that I fully appreciate that I may have my critics for the following post and I’m completely OK with that.  Here goes…

Dear 21st Century parents,

On my travels today, I came across a little person in a buggy/ stroller.  Not quite articulate with speech and certainly not completely potty trained – around the two and a half age range I would guess.  Yet this little person had the cognitive skills to work a smart phone: but when mum tried to take it away there was near-on full meltdown of nuclear proportions.

I’ve not had my eyes painted on. I’m not so naive to think that little people aren’t capable of working such technology.  My point is simply this; have we evolved to such a degree that the next generation means so little to us as parents?  That we provide technological entertainment in an effort to pacify our off spring?  That we no longer feel the need to interact with them?  That we are in no way connected; us in our “parent’s silo” and they in their little people’s?

This is the 21st century and laboursaving devices surround us.  We don’t have to move from the couch to watch the latest blockbuster, or a takeaway or do the weekly shop.  However, the interaction with little people is key to their development.  Pointing things out to them on your journey.  Talking to them and generally interacting.  Not sticking a smart phone or table under their nose to keep them occupied.

They are little people for such a short period of time.  Before you know it, you’ll be choosing their Uni, walking them down the aisle and becoming grandparents.  Don’t let these precious moments and early years pass you by!

Until next time…


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