Chillout Chick: De-stress tips for busy goddesses…

If you’re like me, Beautiful, and always have a full life then it can be quite difficult sometimes to make time to de-stress; but as we all know it’s not always easy to sandwich anything else in.  If I were to choose an animal to represent my stressed self, then I would be a swan. As we all know swans glide gracefully across the surface of the water only to be paddling furiously beneath.  I don’t believe I am unique in my way of thinking; all wives/ girlfriends, full-time workers/ mothers can empathize with me on this I’m sure.

However, if you want to see how a wife and marketing professional, come animal behaviorist, come chef (to humans and pets) come housekeeper de-stresses, then have a look at my top tips below.

Make lists

Yep there I said it and anyone that knows me knows how I detest lists with a passion. But even I resort to writing things down to ‘get them out’ rather than having them rattling around in my mind.  So I still don’t really do lists but I do have a notebook and make lots of notes.

First hour, no phone

A radical suggestion in these days of social media, but set aside the first hour for the day to be phone free.  Let me tell you the world won’t fall of its hinges if you don’t check your Facebook the moment you wake up.  Have a lovely shower; breakfast with the family, anything but checking your phone for the first hour of the day.  I appreciate that it might not be easy to do that ‘cold turkey’ and you might have to build up to a full week of first hours!

Chunk it

Break down the tasks that you’re doing into to manageable pieces.  Yes you have to have a view of the bigger picture so you know what your end goal is, but make the pieces smaller and easier to achieve along the way.  That, in turn, reduced your stress as you’re only seeing smaller activities.

Allow a little ‘me’ time

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I talk about the need for regular ‘me’ time.  It’s so important to have your own time and space to do exactly what you want; whether that is reading a book, a bit of meditation, a nice bath.  Whatever it is that time should be completely uninterrupted and scheduled in advance!

And finally…

Wind down at the end of the day

Just as I have suggested previously, have a smart phone detox at the end of the day too.  Put your tablet/ phone/ laptop or other device down at least an hour before bed.  Make a nice decaf tea – chamomile or rooibos for example.  Have a relaxing bath, listen to some relaxing music or hypnosis or going back to anologue and read a real book rather than a Kindle or similar.

Let’s all be a less swan and more sloth!

Until next time…


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