How to stay warm this winter

Feeling the cold? Here are some of my top tips for keeping warm this winter!

Dress in layers.
Opt for many thin, warm layers, instead of a few bulky layers. This will insulate you better, and make it easier to regulate your body temperature by adding or removing layers.

Wear thicker slippers or thick socks
By keeping your feet warm, you will make your whole body feel warmer.

Veg box soup

Eat soup and other warm meals
It’s super easy to throw some veggies into a pan or slow cooker, with a bit of garlic and some stock to make a warming soup. You can find my Veg Box soup recipe here!

Open curtains and blinds
During the day when the sun’s out to let in the warming rays… Close curtains and blinds at night to keep out the cold.

Delish hot choccy

Drink lots of warm beverages.
Keep warm drinks to hand; coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even mulled cider!

An oven is not just for cooking
Leave the oven open after you cook. This will allow the warm air to escape into the room. Be careful doing this with little people and pets about though. 

Snuggle up in a pet whenever you’re sitting down.
If you don’t have pets then a blanket and a family member will do!

Poochie snuggles

Invest in some to flannelette sheets, a down duvet or event an electric blanket. There’s nothing like snuggling up in a lovely warm bed, especially with a loved one.

Put your clothes on fresh from the tumble dryer.

Warm your slippers up on the radiator before putting them on!

Homemade Spa delights

Take a warm bath
Chuck in some essential oils, light some scented candles and pop on your meditation music for that authentic homemade Spa vibe!

Spend more time upstairs. Since hot air rises, the rooms will be warmer. 
In bed with that loved one perhaps…

Do something active. 
Clean the house; exercise; play a game. Just find ways to keep yourself moving, so you generate more body heat.

Lest we not forget that there are people who are less fortunate than we or who are homeless in these cold wintery conditions.  Perhaps give these guys a thought and do your bit; donate to your local food bank, homeless charity or simply provide a homeless person with a hot drink or some food.

Keep warm people.

Until next time…

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