Decisions Decisions Decisions

Today we’re going to be talking about decisions. 
Let’s start with an exercise.  

Think about a decision you made 5, 10, 15 years ago and how totally different your life is now, for better or worse, because of that decision. 

In retrospect, would you have changed that decision?

Did it all pan out for the best after all?

Here’s a story to illustrate this better, and if you’re familiar with the TV show “Queer Eye”, then you may already know this story.  
In a nutshell Wesley was a a self-confessed bad boy, and carried a gun.  After an altercation with another guy, he was shot several times and became paralysed from the waist down. Now his decision to carry a gun, and get in a fight with another guy also carrying a weapon resulted in him being shot and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of this life.  And to be fair that could have defined him – at the very least.  However, BECAUSE of his disability he started his own not for profit charity; and in the episode where we meet him, he meets up with his assailant to set the records straight and get some closure.  Wesley openly says that being shot saved his life and his decision to carry a weapon, on the night in question, changed his life for the absolute best!
We believe that we are determined by some outside decision or influence.  That our happiness is based on someone else’s decision; and if we take the case of Wesley then that’s actually correct.  But if we’re hanging around for our partner, kids, friends, co-workers, boss, etc. to be happy in order for us to be happy too, well we’re going to waiting a very long time because we cannot control that! 
If you had a week to live, your life would be totally different.  The decisions you make in that time would be free from all that comfort zone “rubbish”, trust me. You wouldn’t be messing about worrying about the small stuff.  You wouldn’t be worrying about money, the number of likes on your latest Instagram post or what others think of you.  Instead you would be cramming in as much into the rest of the time you had left.  You would breath in the air to the bottom of your lungs.  You would spend time with those that you love the most.  You would be eating your favourite meal. So what are you waiting for?  LIFE IS SHORT!
Right this second you can decide to have a great time in this life.  It’s YOUR choice.  No one else’s.  Make the decision to have an amazing life right NOW, because none of us know what’s round the corner.
The most important decision you can make, bar none, is your decision to live a great life.
Until next time…

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