Countdown to Christmas!

With exactly a month to go until Christmas Day, there’s no better time to start those festive preparations. Now we’ve already established that Christmas 2020 will go down as being one of the least normal Christmases on record. But that doesn’t stop you prepping for the BIG DAY.  

You guys must know by now how much I love a list, so here are a few ‘tips’ to kick-start your Christmas preparations:

  • If you still send Christmas cards, review your list from last year, ditch everyone that didn’t send you one and then end up sending just three cards! Alternatively donate the cash you would have spent on cards to a charity, where it will go directly to those in need over the festive period. ONE GOOD WITCH POINT
man wearing Santa Claus costume sitting on chair
  • Get your kids to write a note to Santa, just to remind him of any last minute things he can get for them. If you’re tech-savvy (or you know someone who is) set up your own ‘Santa-Style’ email address so your little ones can write to the ‘heart’ of Santa’s Workshop – when in fact they’re emailing you! ONE BAD WITCH POINT

  • Stock up on wrapping paper if you don’t have rolls of the stuff kicking around in your loft space from years gone by. The same goes for gift tags too. But you might have thought ahead and made them from the cards you received last year. ONE GOOD WITCH POINT

  • Thankfully Black Friday Sales won’t be a physical affair (in more ways than one) this year, so you won’t be having to bust out any Jackie Chan moves in order to get your hands on the latest PS5. If you’re waiting to purchase items in Black Friday sales, just be clear on what you’re getting. Do your research, read the small print, so you can get that all important bargain! ONE GOOD WITCH POINT
selective focus photography of gift box on person's palm
  • Get wrapping! If you have already purchased gifts, get on with wrapping them now, so you’ve not got a huge pile to wrap on Christmas Eve. Or pay a family member or teenager to do it for you. It’s a quid or two in their pocket and you can kiss goodbye to the hassle of it all! ONE BAD POINT

  • Get cooking. There’s loads of treats you can make now and freeze so you don’t get bogged down with last minute cooking; mince pies, cookies, gravy and bread sauce, to name a few. Or be lazy and check out what the supermarkets are offering in terms of their ‘cook-from-frozen’ canapes selection. There’s often a bargain to be had and this makes for hassle-free entertaining. ONE BAD WITCH POINT

  • If you’ve not already got it due the Internet rumour mill stating that turkey’s were going to be in short supply due to Covid 19 (still scratching my head on that one) – and you’re going for frozen – then GET THAT TURKEY BIRD NOW! Again, have a look round at what’s on offer, that fits your budget and number of tummies to fill. No one wants to be eating turkey past Easter 2021! ONE GOOD WITCH POINT

green plants on baked bread
  • If you missed Stir Up Sunday, which was last Sunday (22 November), and you’re planning to make a Christmas cake (and your housekeeper or cook is busy), you need to do it ASAP. This will give you enough time to ‘feed’ it with as much alcohol as you can. Of course don’t forget to decorate it too. So make sure you have plenty of marzipan and your icing of choice. I wouldn’t recommend chocolate icing, but each to their own! ONE GOOD WITCH POINT

  • If, like me, you are apt to eating your own bodyweight in Pringles over the festive period, I recommend you stock up now. But make sure you’re getting a bargain! The same goes for nuts, crisps, pickles, soft drinks and the all important booze, to avoid the Christmas rush. Just TRY not to eat and drink it all before Christmas!! ONE BAD WITCH POINT
woman in white long sleeve shirt holding wine glass
  • Now that THREE families can mix from 23 to 27 December (UK only) you might find that you are inundated with guests in and around Christmas. If you do have lots of people coming round for Christmas, make sure you’ve got enough chairs, cutlery, crockery and glasses, and arrange to borrow some from a kindly neighbour, family member or friend (with no guests and heaps of stuff you require) if you’re short! ONE BAD WITCH POINT

  • If you still don’t have your decs up WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. It’s been a crap year so get a wiggle on people and brighten up your living space with copious amounts of lights. Just make sure they are LED because they use much less electric then the traditional ones. If you do have little ones and you feel like being an activities coordinator you could always set them the task of making some decorations. Just no sharp scissors please – A & E/ the emergency room isn’t the place you want to spend your time over the festive period! ONE GOOD WITCH POINT

18 madzers who have already eaten the entire advent calendar
  • 1st December is fast approaching and if you haven’t already brought a chocolate advent calendar and NOT eaten the contents, then more power to you. If, on the other hand, you have demolished at least one chocolate advent calendar, then you’d best get out there and restock! Or wait until 3rd December and get them half price with the added incentive of eating at least three choccies in a row! ONE BAD WITCH POINT

And relax… the countdown to Christmas has started, and you got this!

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