How to look 10 years younger!

Now I am not averse to some invasive and non-invasive procedures to hold back the years.  I was once a “grow old gracefully type”, but I’m not any longer.  However, rather than jumping straight in at the Kris Jenner nip and tuck deep end, I thought I would investigate ways in which one can appear to look 10 years longer, and this is what I found. 

Care for your hair

Treat your hair to a replenishing hair mask.  With hairdressers’ appointments like gold dust due to various lockdowns; months without professional care can really take a toll on your hair and add years to your age.  So, grab yourself a hair mask, apply, sit back, relax and wait for the luxurious crème to take effect.  Your hair will thank you for this thirst quencher and your newly hydrated tresses will look full of body and volume. 


In order to look 10 years younger, you need to consider your eyes and the quickest way to remove 10 years from them is

1) use eye lash curlers when applying your mascara as these widen the eye

2) use white eye liner on the inner rim of your upper eye lids, where your lashes meet your eye lids.  This works in tandem with the eyelash curlers by widening your eyes and making them appear brighter. 

NYX do a fantastic range of colours in their Faux Whites Eye Brightening range to enhance your natural eye colour. 

Also, if you wear glasses consider wearing contact lenses.  Glasses can add years onto you, so why not consider using contact lenses. 


Thin, plucked to death or dramatic eye brows can add years to your face.  Go for a thicker, more natural brow, and if you want an instant fix to thin eye brows, get creative with a brow pencil. 


Powdery or thick heavy foundations find their way into all those little wrinkles and add age to your face.  Go for a light reflecting foundations like Miracle Touch Second Skin by Max Factor or Clinique Even Better Glow. Be sure to use a good primer beneath; something like Benefit Pore Professional and The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. 


Pinks and peachy blushers with a golden shimmer are much more flattering on mature skin as they brighten, give a healthy glowing colour and most important of all give the cheekbones a lift.  Just avoid the metallic 
looking highlighters; you don’t want to end up looking like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz! 


Wet lips can take years off of you, rather than block heavy lipstick, which can accentuate your wrinkles and reduce the appearance of lip volume.  Instead, opt for a glossy light reflecting gloss or lightweight lipstick.  Wet lips appear to add that all important volume and soften lines. 


Now this is something that doesn’t immediately spring to mind as something that can age you, but it can.  Some of those heavy classic perfumes can certainly reveal your age, but the lighter, brighter fragrances can reduce your age considerably. Chanel Mademoiselle or Allure and Gucci Bloom are examples of lighter scents, rather than the likes of YSL Opium or Dior Youth Dew and Poison! 

These are a must too… 

Hand cream

It doesn’t matter what your face looks like if your hands give away your age.  Of course, there are cosmetic procedures that can combat hand wrinklage, but it’s never too late to start slathering on the hand cream.  My advice is don’t buy the most expensive, because a number of the cheaper ones work just as well.  The key is remembering to put it on regularly throughout the day, especially after you’ve washed your hands for 20 seconds! 

SPF moisturiser

It goes without saying that you put SPF moisturiser on your face (I hope), but you need to go a little lower!  If you haven’t already, make sure that you use SPF moisturise on the Décolletage area, as well as your face. It’s just as important because it’s often a place that gets sunburnt.  Again, there’s nothing worse than have a beautiful face that you have worked so hard to become wrinkle free, only to have a wrinkly neck and shoulders.  Just like your hands, it shows your real age. 

My go-to moisturiser of choice!


There is a school of thought that says if you have a balanced diet there is no need for anything additional, but I believe that you don’t get all the micronutrients from your diet.  So, taking a good quality multi-vitamin specifically designed for your age will give you and your body a well-deserved boost.   

Facial Roller

Facial rollers are the latest must-have gadget in the fight against the signs of ageing, and there is some great evidence to suggest that they do actually work.  They are typically from rose quartz or jade and are designed to gently massage you face and stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, stimulate blood-flow and reduce puffiness, and to increase your skin’s glow. Keep yours in the fridge so that it’s lovely and cold to give your skin that extra chilled hit, when you use it.

Water, water, water

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! It’s so very important to drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids throughout the day.  The Gs ‘n’ Ts don’t count!  Water is the bedrock of numerous bodily functions from proper kidney function, to aiding the digestion of your food, to preventing headaches and other aches and pains.  And it also works wonders on your skin.  Research shows that by drinking just two cups of water toxins can be flushed away, and increase blood flow to the skin giving it the appearance of a more even tone! 

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