My Bio

Hi there……and thanks for dropping by.  I hope you enjoy what’s here and it gives you some valueable tools and advice, as well as some happiness and laughter!

I’m Sarah and if there’s one thing you must know about me it’s this… I live by one of many sayings (my daughters will tell you) “Everyday’s a learning day.”  I absolutely live by that because you do actually learn something new every day.

I also believe that we are all holistic beings. Only we are responsible for ourselves, which includes social and mental aspects of our lives.

I believe in making from scratch and eating good wholesome foods, and keeping the junk to a minimum.

I believing in laughing a lot and having fun experiences and travelling.

I’m a wife, mother to grown up daughters and a passionate animal lover. I am a qualified life coach and practitioner of NLP, Yoga and mindfulness.

I want my blog to be the place where you go to discover something new, fun and life enhancing.

That’s me in a nutshell. Let’s learn things together…