The MOB Diary

So come 25 May 2018, our eldest daughter will be getting married… this is where you’ll my musings about the run up to THE BIG DAY, as Mother Of the Bride!

MOBs Log Day 68 – MOB Dress Shopping…

The little blue Golf was on her best behaviour. Thelma and Louise – AKA myself and my sister-in-law – were strapped in. The Sat Nav was programmed. Mother Nature threw her worst weather at us (near-on blizzard conditions). Fortified by gluten free lemon and thyme cake we hit the streets of Brighton on the quest for the MOB dress!

Brighton is a Mecca for the hipster creative types and the perfect place to get inspiration for this very important of outfits! I knew what I wanted:

  • Block colour
  • Straight
  • Definitely no patterns or flowers etc.
  • Lace overlay

So having gone into Pretty Eccentric – which is wear I was planning to get my dress because it carries some utterly beautiful dresses and gowns – I was disappointed not just with their muted tones, but sadly their customer service. Not once did either of the sales assistants, in such a tiny shop, engage us in conversation. With dresses starting at £180 upwards, and on a snowy day, you would think they’d make an effort in order to make a sale… sadly not!

We then went to the organised jumble sale that is TK MAXX (TJ MAXX if you’re reading this in the States). Zip, Zilch, Nada… what was I expecting!

Then I went into my fall-back shop. The one that I generally get all my ‘special’ outfits from… Monsoon!

I tried to resist, but it was futile!

Armed with five dress I tried them all on. And being the decisive, decision- maker that I am… I settled for the first one I tried! It was a fantastic fit; it picked out the colour scheme of the bridesmaids as well as the groom and my husband’s suit! PERFECTO!!!

And of course it was all of the following;

  • Not block colour as such
  • Flared
  • Patterned with flowers
  • With lace overlay!

(One out of four ain’t bad!)

BUT rather buy it straight away we visited some other shops to see what else was on offer. However, knowing that the it was sitting on the wrack in Monsoon waiting to be bought made me have to go back and get it.

Yes I could have bought the dress in my local town, we have a Monsoon after all, but I believe the fact that I was somewhere familiar but different was the reason that I chose something out of the ordinary for me!

Every mother of the bride I have ever quizzed about their outfit choices has ALWAYS said the same thing without hesitation… they all chose something they would never normally consider; I am in good company!

Let me tell you it’s such a weight off of my mind to finally have something to wear with 68 days to go…

So I have beautiful dress. A beautiful pair of contrasting ‘Dolly’ shoes. Now all I need is something by way of hat or fascinator or clip. Bag. Shrug or pashmina.

Until my next instalment x


MOBs Log Day 81 – The Hen Weekend…

You might have noticed the quietness of my blog in the last few days. This is due to my daughter’s (mollymoments) hen weekend celebrations.

Now if you live in my part of the globe you will have certainly experienced the Beast from the East (media sensationalised headline) when winter came late and decided to dump it’s snowy contents on an unsuspecting UK on the first day of spring!  This curtailed our plans somewhat for the hen weekend!

In my previous MOB blogs I referred to “going somewhere” and the “somewhere” in question was South Wales (one of the place hit hardest in the recent cold snap)! However, due to the white out those plans had to be put on ice (quite literally) and instead on Thursday afternoon my youngest daughter and chief brides maid (theoryoflauren) and I had to plan an alternative Hen Weekend, much nearer home! So in the space of 45 minutes we managed to panic-buy our way to tickets for a west end show – Wicked – and the Shard Experience – with Champagne for EVERYONE darhling!

Once organised we braved the snowy conditions to deliver the bad news to the bride-to-be that we wouldn’t be going where we had planned. BUT that we cobbled together a rather impressive Plan B instead! And after some prosecco and tears, we were soon busy making plans for Hen Day.

Fast forward to Saturday evening… we had seen the Show which was fabulous, emotive and sensational (despite there being a couple of drink “idiots” in the row in front of us) and arrived at the Shard after a few drinks in Bridget Jones’ pub (The Globe Tavern) in Borough Market.

We arrive at the Shard to be told that due to the melting snow creating clouds there was no view, but that we could go up anyway or simply re-book. Who does that, re-book without experiencing it in the first place. So up we trundled to the 69th floor (an interesting activity when your youngest daughter is scared of both heights and lifts, and you’re accelerating at 6m per second) where we were indeed in the clouds. To be fair from ground level we couldn’t see the top of the building anyway!!  Every so often the swirling clouds would disperse slightly and you would be able to pick out things below; but for the most part we were in a dark secluded cloud high above London!!

Fast forward again, this time to today (Monday) … to “The Shard 2 – The Return of the Hen Party“… and we were again back up the Shard. This time we could not only go to the indoor viewing gallery but also the “outdoor” Sky Deck. Again we had to battle with the daughter that hates heights and lifts (this time she chose to put her fingers in her ears in an attempt to stop the lift plummeting ground-wards! -like that would help).

The views from up there are INSANE. And I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. The outside sky deck on level 72 was brilliant. It’s weird being “outside” 72 storeys in the air with planes going into City Airport buzzing overhead.

Check out my pics and video from the weekend.

Until my next instalment x

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MOBs Log DAY 100 – The Hen and Stag “nights”…

Long ago, in the dim and distant past, when I got married your hen or stag night was an evening out with your mates probably the night before the actual wedding. Nowadays it can be anything from a day to a week away with your female or male wedding party. The Hen and Stag “nights” for the 25 May nuptials are no different.

So two weeks Friday we will embark on our Hen Weekend – destination SOMEWHERE sky-earth-space-working.jpg(because the bride reads my posts and it is currently a surprise). There has been, and currently is, some feverish organising amongst the Chief Bridesmaid and the Maid of Honour regarding activities, attractions, travel arrangements, logistics, inoculations etc. All I can say is if they pull it off it’ll be great/ groot/ grande/ mór/ skvělý/ estupendo/ mawr/ bra… and I can’t wait!

I must say that I am grateful and honoured to be part of this intimate group, along with my counterpart MOG (Mother of the Groom)! I believe myself to have a relationship such that my daughter considers me worthy of being invited… this is by no means a given! (The fact I have a relatively big vehicle helps too!)

The Groom on the other hand knows that the Mecca of all stag do’s is awaiting him. The Emerald Isle is beckoning; so a word of warning to all civilians travelling to and staying in Dublin for the weekend in mid-April… thee could be carnage! And some dodgy shamrock tattoos!

Until my next instalment… x

MOBs LOG – Wedding Date 123 days to go… (Actual date 22/01/18)

Purely by chance earlier today I realised that it was ONLY 123 days to the wedding so I though that on such an auspicious countdown day I should start my MOB Diary…

What’s the top of my MOB agenda?

The MOB dress – Owing to the nature of the BIG GIG I need to have a suitable outfit to wear and currently I can’t decide whether it should be regular or long.

In my day to day life I wear a lot of regular length dresses and skirts so I don’t want to repeat that for the wedding – although I rarely have the need to wear a fascinator at work!  Plus like the bride (who let me tell you this doesn’t actually apply to but she thinks it does) I need change my shape.  You’ll already know from my blog that I don’t believe in diets and that will never change.  I just need to move more than I currently do; rather than embarking on a crazy crash diet!  I live by my words!

The Day – So this is the biggest gig of the year in terms of my ‘mothering’ duties and most probably to date if I’m honest.  I’m not sure why it is such a big gig – aside from the commitment of two people very much in love pledging to be with each other forever – it’s most probably to do with the money involved.  [As soon as you use the word ‘Wedding’ to any service provider they add at least one more naught onto the quote.]

I have promised myself that I will not turn into MOBzilla now that our child is getting married (a la Pam from Gavin and Stacey for example, among others) and I have made a conscious effort not to do that.  Of course “the long-suffering Sarz 1st” and I are there for advice and counsel, but all the BIG decisions have to be made by the happy couple and that’s how it should be, I believe.

The Flowers – I have offered to ‘do’ the flowers for the wedding because I wanted to be involved (NOT IN A MOBzilla way) which I am more than happy to do because there is ALWAYS another naught from a florist where wedding flowers are concerned! I’m doing the bride, bridesmaids, button holes… WHAT WAS I THINKING… “don’t worry Sarah it will all be alright on the day” – that’s my mantra!

It is all becoming very real now…


PS If you want to catch a ‘Brides-Eye-View’ of the run up to the wedding… meet the bride here!