Surprising Facts about Love Actually

Celebrating its 17th birthday this Christmas season, Love Actually remains a beautifully woven series of stories that only Richard Curtis could have created. It has lost none of its charm in the proceeding years. In fact I believe it has got better with age; all except the early noughties fashion that is!

Christmas Countdown Blog: Day #2

I'll be the first to admit this topic is neither sexy or Christmassy, but for those of you that find yourself without work at this time of year, in the worst global pandemic for over 100 years, I thought I would look ways you can potentially find employment in the run up to Christmas and beyond.

Countdown to Christmas!

With exactly a month to go until Christmas Day, there's no better time to start those festive preparations. Now we've already established that Christmas 2020 will go down as being one of the least normal Christmases on record. But that doesn't stop you prepping for the BIG DAY.

Festive Planning Hacks: How to stay debt-free this Christmas!

In an effort to shed some positivity and ease some stress on the upcoming season, I have put together some Festive Planning Hacks to help you get the most out of what is going to be an extraordinary Christmas without breaking the bank.